Episode 42: How To Sustain Motivation To Train

Episode 42: How To Sustain Motivation To Train. Rory and Rudds share their tips on how to train consistently.

Episode 42: How To Sustain Motivation To Train

One of the most common questions we are asked is how do you motivate yourself to train consistently? In this episode Rory & Rudds will share with you their top tips for sustaining the motivation to train consistently.

Key areas of discussion: 1. We are not perfect 2. Identify WHY you want to train 3. Set goals that are important to you and your why 4. Set smaller behaviour goals you can control – daily, weekly and monthly goals that you can control 5. Make choices, you will need to be prepared to say “NO” things 6. Surround yourself with positive like-minded people it helps to motivate us and our members. 7. Challenge yourself 8. Realize that motivation is not essential 10. Be patient 11. Bounce back ability

Rory and Rudds shed some light on their experiences and those of the people they have trained over the years.