FFS Ivy Exchange - The new 'Home of Hard Work'

FFS Gym has opened the doors of its brand new, elite grade gym just north of the Liffey. FFS Ivy Exchange, Parnell Street opens today and is welcoming all those interested to try out their third and latest gym.

FFS Gym has opened the doors of its brand new, elite grade gym just north of the Liffey.

FFS Ivy Exchange, Parnell Street opens today and is welcoming all those interested to try out their third and latest location. Having grown from one gym on Leeson Street in 2013, to two locations in South Dublin, and, now, to a third location in the Northside of Dublin, FFS Gym is excited to bring its quality coaching, professionalism and passion to even more people around Dublin,

Directors, Craig McInerney and Mike South, share their excitement below and explain why they care so much about helping people become the strongest versions of themselves.

A word from Craig

“Craig can you come down to the basement. We want to test one of our new classes it’s called metabolic conditioning !”

6 years ago in a Leeson Street basement drenched in sweat doing burpees….. little did I know that FFS had ignited an ambition in me to be involved in running my own gym one day.

My level of excitement as we open our new gym today is hard to contain. Countless hours spent in meetings, consultations, design, testing and construction are all finally culminating in creating our new Home of Hard Work. The FFS Ivy Exchange is our new Strength and Conditioning facility that is going to help grow the FFS Family North of the Liffey.

We have some of the best coaches here at FFS with decades of coaching experience working with all levels of athletes. It is this knowledge and experience that has been poured into the very foundations of the Ivy Exchange.

Personally, it's been really exciting to be involved in the whole process from meeting with architects, interior/graphic/gym designers, electricians, plumbers, joiners, fabricators, tillers, you name it!, to getting to test all of our new elite grade equipment up at BLK BOX Performance Equipment in Belfast. Having a front row seat to all this “unseen” work and all the challenges that come with opening our 3rd gym have been an education in itself. We are on the verge of something really special. I know what has gone into this place and I know how hard all the team have worked to get us here.

Opening the doors today is not a final destination for us it’s the beginning!

However, hands down, the most exciting thing of all though is going to be coaching our new members in a brand new state of the art space. It is our driving mission here at FFS Gym to help our members become t he strongest versions of themselves. We passionately believe it and live it. Now we get to bring that to a whole new level at the FFS Ivy Exchange.

I can’t wait to see you there,


A word from Mike

Our schedule has grown, our services have expanded, our team has grown and expanded, and now we will grow again as a business. The excitement is real, knowing that we are weeks away from opening FFS #3.

This was no fluke, it has always been part of the plan; our philosophy has always remained the same, ‘To help as many people become the strongest version of themselves’. With this in mind we wanted to expand our community and what better place than north of the Liffey.

FFS Ivy Exchange had us excited since day dot and the space is ideal for what FFS wants to bring to clients. From a high tempo sweaty 6am Met Con to a sleeveless 7pm Tank Top Thursday we got you covered.

This journey to the north city centre started in November 2018 and, over the last 8 months, we have carefully planned everything from rack placement, session layout, flooring, shower facilities, equipment etc.; we covered every last detail to bring us up to this point.

The team, Craig and I are very excited to welcome you to Ivy Exchange over the coming months and if you wish to book your trial now please drop an email to info@ffs.ie.



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Open Week - July 8th-12th

FFS Ivy Exchange is hosting an open week from July 8th-12th with a discounted Foundation Course for anyone who signs up during the open week. Check out the Trial Class Schedule to see what class might suit you!

To find out more, email info@ffs.ie.

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Check out our FFS Gym FAQs orhave a look at the Ivy Exchange Class Schedule to get a feel for how you can fit it into your lives. Why not read our story to understand what we do, why we do it, and how we do it or maybe check out our FFS Gym Instagram account to get a feel for the community that we have built.

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About the Authors

Craig is Director of FFS Gym at Ivy Exchange. He is an S&C Coach, Personal Trainer, FFS Academy Lecturer, and is the face of FFS Nutrition.

He has amassed 1000’s of training hours in a multitude of different sports and training systems in different facilities around the world and is passionate about making people exceed their own expectations.

Email Craig at craig@ffs.ie

Find Craig on Instagram at @craig_ffs

Mike is Director of Operations of FFS Gym and a Personal Trainer; he is referred to as 'the Mick O'Driscoll of FFS', he does more hard work than most people realise but rarely receives the plaudits he deserves for his efforts.

Email Mike at mike @ffs.ie