March '20 Trainer of the Month

The Trainer of the Month or #TOM award has become something of a legend since its inception in 2013. It is coveted by many but only a select few have attained the prestigious status.

The Trainer of the Month or #TOM award has become something of a legend since its inception in 2013. It is coveted by many but only a select few have attained the prestigious status.


Those who garner the unified vote of the coaching team wear this badge of honour with pride - but what exactly does it take for one to become trainer of the month? We are glad you asked.


It usually commences with Mike messaging the team:

“ToM votes in within the next 24 hours team”


However, there is one issue, the team already know this is no 24 hour affair! They battle it out to convince the team why their vote deserves the honour to be bestowed upon them




The criteria for attaining the Trainer of the Month award are simple but not easily attained or maintained for that matter.


Attendance and Consistency

Coaches first look at the members consistency in their training; how often do they train and at what intensity do they train. However, it is not all about intensity and frequency either, the coaches know all too well the repercussions of overtraining and under recovery -  the balance must be right to avoid the athletes running themselves down or risking injury.



Second, attitude is taken into account. How does the nominated behave when receiving feedback? Do they actively seek to become the strongest version of themselves? 



How often does the nominated step outside their comfort zone? 

How much progress have they made not only physically but mentally? The gym is so much more than losing weight and building muscle – the members and coaches at FFS, understand how the gym is merely a tool to be utilized in developing ones character, in celebrating both the capabilities of body and mind.



Community is massive at FFS, we have observed relationships blossom and families grow as those coming of age develop an interest in health and fitness through observing their parents health and fitness regime.

We look at how they contribute to the team spirit at FFS Gyms, how they help their fellow members, and in the interest of full disclosure, a few healthy snacks never go astray when they are dropped in to the coaches for sample tasting.


And with that being said, without further adieu, let’s hear what some of the things coaches had to say about this months trainer of the month and also what it meant to that member.


A Message from Rory


Last month FFS lost one of its first and most loyal friends. Dave Earlie or "D Money" as he was affectionately known, passed away after a long battle with illness in March. FFS may have lost one of its best friends but we want to acknowledge the loss of a Husband, a Father, A Son, A Colleague and an amazing Friend for all of those who Dave touched in his unique way.


Dave was our first ever PT client at FFS. I remember it so clearly and it is funny to look back on. The day he walked in the door in early 2013, Full of confidence and eager to give two young lads, Rudds and I, a grilling. Asking us about how "would we be different from any other gym and why he should choose us?!"


I remember thinking; "Woah, give us a break". I had never met anyone like him to this point in my life and he certainly challenged me. But looking back I can’t thank him enough because he made us prove ourselves. Something we would have to learn to do in the real world of running a business. This was only one of many times that Dave challenged myself and Rudds to be better. 


He was a real leader, he was someone that you would run ideas by and ask for advice. He always gave us so much of his time, experience and guidance. 


Again, in the gym Dave epitomised this leadership. He always led by example. During his battle with illness he took on the million meter rowing challenge to raise money for charity. That is who was, he worked incredibly hard and was always trying to help other people and put other people's needs first. The impact that he had on our team was immense. We had the privilege to get to work with Dave, share his company and be inspired by him.


Dave had ambitions to win trainer of the month on his road to recovery and it is a goal that kept him motivated when he came into the gym. Congrats D Money, you deserve it!


We love you Dave and we will all miss you very much. 


  • Rory 


See what some of the coaches have to say about Dave 



"Dave was an incredible guy! He was generous, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, hardworking, funny & loyal. He helped me so much and grew to be a great friend to me and so many people at the gym, members and coaches alike. 


Dave was so brave and such an inspiration in the way faced challenges and always put others first. He is the strongest person I know."



"David was such a selfless guy and he always wanted the best for everyone, you could really feel that when talking to him. I was lucky enough to have known Dave since 2013 when he first started at FFS, he was witty, a messer, a hard worker, a talker but more than anything a genuine and brilliant guy. I'll miss him around FFS an awful lot"



"A great memory for me was when Dave was foam rolling down the back of the gym and I knew he was having a tough time of it health wise. I was on the rower and struggling. He got up, stood behind me and encouraged me in his own unique way to pull the finger out even though what he was going through was much worse than me. I absolutely loved it!  He was one of the first faces I ever saw at the gym and one that I will always remember."


Darragh H

"A true gentleman in every sense of the word. Friendly, determined and tough are just some of the words that come to mind. Thoroughly deserved of this accolade. Well done David!" 



"I only met David a few times in the gym while he was training with Rudds, but he always took the time to stop and say hello. His dry wit and humour always made me laugh and it was a pleasure to get to know him in FFS"