The Sexiest Supplement in the world!

Do you want to appear sexier, feel awesome and perform to your true potential?Imagine if someone told you there was a new wonder supplement that would increase your performance across every spectrum o

Do you want to appear sexier, feel awesome and perform to your true potential?

Imagine if someone told you there was a new wonder supplement that would increase your performance across every spectrum of your life. Physically make you lift more, move faster and perform better. Mentally, increase your concentration, boost energy levels and accelerate cognitive functions.... actually make you smarter in real time.

Now imagine if that same supplement could make you look better, feel younger and even appear..... sexier. This supplement has zero side effects, is readily available and has an unlimited supply.

Then to add some extra "WOW" factor to this new supplement a huge philanthropist has taken over its licence and has just announced it will be absolutely free to the western world.

The only small caveat is that it will only be given to people who commit to donating 50 euro to a chosen charity.

Would you pay the 50 euro?

I bet you bloody would. Sounds like the deal of the century. 50 euro for what on paper sounds like the most amazing product to have ever hit the shelves.( If you would like a free Hydration PDF for your bathroom click link here) Now let's twist your mind a little further and imagine if I told you this "game-changing" supplement is actually free to all of you! You have an unlimited supply and all you have to do is turn a lever to access it. Hopefully, you've figured out by now what I'm talking about. the single most important thing you put in your body full stop! Depending on the weather and your energy expenditure, without water, you could be dead in as little as 2-5 days.

Water makes up over two-thirds of the healthy human body. It is essential for lubricating the joints and eyes, aiding digestion, flushing out waste and toxins and keeping skin healthy. Dehydration occurs when the normal water content of your body is reduced, upsetting the delicate balance of minerals (salts and sugar) in your body fluid. Many of your body's cells depend on these minerals being maintained at the correct levels to function properly. (HSE 2018)

Here are some of the unsexy consequences when you don't drink enough water :

Premature Ageing, Wrinkles, "Weathered" appearanceItchy Dry Skin, Chapped Lips and DandruffChronic Bad BreathFoul Body OdourInability to Lose WeightMuscle Cramps and Joint PainChronic FatigueImpaired Memory and ConcentrationFrequent HeadachesMood Swings or IrritabilityConstipation or Poor Digestion (

Let's cut the bull, people focus on whether certain potatoes will make them fatter, whether certain blends of whey protein assimilate faster than others and even if there's too much blue light emitting from that laptop charger in their bedroom. People love to drown in the detail and not focus on the big picture. They hone in on the 1%. Sleep for recovery, nutrition for fat loss/muscle building and water for everything. These are 80 percentiles. The huge bedrocks. These are the areas that if you address will positively affect 80% of your life. Colossal consequences if you choose not to. The simple stuff doesn't appear sexy but ironically if you want to appear sexier it's the simple stuff that will get you there. If you would like a free Hydration PDF for your bathroom click link here

I encounter it every day in the gym, in nutritional consultations and with all demographics in life. A lot of people are spending their time sub-optimally hydrated the effects and the results can be catastrophic. If you genuinely care about how you look, how you feel and how you perform. You need to be adequately hydrated not just for a training session, a game or a"big day" but every day, every single day for the rest of your life.

If your training last less than 2 hours and you are not exposed to high temperatures. Water should be more than adequate as your sole hydration provision. Hydration does not involve throwing back a bottle of water 5 mins before a session, it’s a daily process. Sipping consistently throughout the day is the most effective way to stay hydrated. Here is a simple formula to see how much you need to consume. Bodyweight x (30-40)= MLS to sustain adequate hydration. The 30-40 variance is based on your individual size. So if you weigh 50kgs you will be at the 30 marks, 100kgs+ the 40. So for an individual who weighs 75 kilos that’s 75kgs x 35mls = 2.5 litres + per day. So …. litres a day for a ….kg individual to maintain adequate hydration(this will increase slightly if you are sweating heavily during training, just add 500+ml). A good tip is to have a litre bottle and make sure it’s been filled and consumed your + times a day. If you would like a free Hydration PDF for your bathroom click link hereWhat about electrolytes, sports drinks etc?

“All the pros drink sports drinks, it would surely make my sessions better?”

Most sports drinks, isotonic etc are tailored toward and tested on elite endurance athletes. Quite simply the vast majority of non-elite athletes do not lose the number of electrolytes these drinks aim to replace. In turn, you could be consuming an incredible calorie dense drink loaded with sugars that could be detrimental to your training goals particularly if fat loss is one of them. If you do sweat a lot (particularly salty sweat) and feel the need for an electrolyte drink here is a simple, natural, tasty and cheap homemade alternative.

FFS H2O (Makes 1 litre)

Half an orange (cut into segments)3 mint leavesTeaspoon of Himalayan Pink SaltAdd cold water

If you would like to look into your nutrition more I’m available for 1:1 consultation online or in-house at FFS Gyms. For m ore info


Craig is Head of FFS Nutrition. Head of Bodyweight Training and an S&C Coach & PT at Fitter Faster Stronger Gyms. He also has drank at least 3 litres of water a day since he was 12. For any personal training, nutritional or corporate speaking please contact here