FFS Gyms - The Home of Hard Work. We are incredibly excited to launch "The Unit Factory" our comprehensive 12-week online training and nutrition program.

We are incredibly excited to launch "The Unit Factory" our comprehensive 12 week online training and nutrition program.

We are the home of the hard work! We believe in making people the strongest version of themselves. We are interested in creating Units that have solid foundations, who look great but also perform great. We want you to be resolutely strong in the real world not just for a brief snapshot of time, a holiday or a photo shoot but for the long run. We have tested our program over the last year with countless athletes and combined our FFS Gyms coaching knowledge to deliver the best online program to build lean muscle and promote fat loss .

Whether you're an elite athlete, a long time lifter or feeling your first calluses after grabbing the “heavy” dumbbells’......

This program will build a Fitter, Faster and Stronger you!



The program delivered through our customised app and eBook is simple to follow, easy to record progress, and like having an "elite coach in your pocket". We are ready to bring you the all the way to realising your true potential.


<div><a href="">FULL FREE PROGRAM!</a></div> <div>If you get 5 of your friends to<a href="">sign up</a>, you will receive the full program and all extras absolutely FREE!!!</div> <div>All you need to do is send an email to <a href=" Factory Referral"></a> and give the details of your 5 friends. Once verified they have signed up, you will receive all material and access codes for the programs.</div> <div>Want to know what you will get? Scroll down to the bottom of this post.</div> <div>Testimonials</div> <div>&quot;I took part in a 12 week transformation in March of 2018. I used the exact rep schemes, tempos and styles of conditioning in The Unit Factory in order to lose 20kg and go from 20+ percent body fat to sub 10 percent. It took hard work and dedication along with the same methodical nutritional advice The Unit Factory are offering in order to achieve these results.&quot; - Daragh McDonnell (1st Unit Factory Test subject)</div> <p><img src=""/> <div>Daragh Pre/Post 12 Weeks</div> <p><img src=""/> <div>Daragh Pre/Post 12 Weeks</div> <div>“In the past, I’ve been quick to jump on gym programs. I’d end up doing 3 to 4 weeks of a 12 week program and swapping to something when I got bored or had no tangible results to see in terms of progression etc.. The program was exactly what I was looking for tracking scores, setting goals, ..., and the big one for me alternates. I was able to push my body without it affecting my knees.</div> <div>The added benefit of the nutrition side of things was huge. What is a very complex topic is broken down into easy to understand rules. Before if I’d indulged in something not great, the mindset was “might as well just treat this as a cheat day”</div> <div>After 12 weeks I feel incredible. I’ve noticed a huge change, friends and family have noticed and people who last saw me 12 weeks ago are shocked. I can’t recommend this program enough, it’s the only program I’ve been on in 10 years of working out that I would recommend to anyone, that’s the beauty of it, it’s can be tailored to anyone as long as they have a will to push themselves.&quot; -Gavin Thornberry</div> <p><img src=""/> <div> Gavin Pre -12 weeks</div> <p><img src=""/> <div> Gavin Post-12 weeks</div> <div>&quot;After years of neglecting my health, fitness and myself for family, work and pretty much anything I could use as an excuse not to exercise. In what seemed five minutes I had gained over 20kg in what seemed a fat suit... I started to notice many health issues lethargy, out of breath walking up stairs, pre-hypertension along with every piece of clothing no longer fitting. I decided enough was enough. I had neglected myself long enough, was sick of the excuses I was allowing me to use and ashamed of the mess I had allowed body to get into. When I saw the online Transformation programme with Craig at the FFS Gym I needed something that was going to fit around my commitment but also matched all the things I used to enjoy about training .. having a varied training programme. The programme had a two weights sessions and two HITT sessions. Within three weeks of getting started I had already increased my core lifts by 20kg each. I had knocked 30 seconds off my 500m row time and was fully of energy from morning to night. The programme made me think about the programme holistically as I made better choices nutritional for my body type, but stuck rigidly to the programme. This was always reinforced by Craig's timely emails to provide top tips for diet, training or health and always on hand to respond to give a helping hand even if I was across the Irish Sea in England. Using the programme, using a 360 view of health, fitness &amp; wellbeing alongside the consistent support from Craig twelve weeks have past and I have broken the mould of old me, I have lost 14lbs in body weight, 7% body fat, lifting 55kg more on my Bench Press, 60kg more on my Hex deadlift and whilst maintaining lean muscle and pleasingly almost halved my 500mtr Row time. This couldn't have been possible without the precisioned programme and consistent support from FFS Gym.&quot; -Liam Bretherton</div> <p><img src=""/> <div>Liam Pre &amp; Post 12 weeks</div> <p><img src=""/> <div><a href=""></a>Liam Pre &amp; Post 12 weeks</div> <div><a href="">PRE-SALE OFFER ENDS THIS FRIDAY!</a></div> <div>&quot;Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the past 12 weeks. All the advice, guidance, tips, emails and videos throughout the twelve weeks were a massive help and influence.</div> <div>But ultimately I feel in a better place after the twelve weeks - fitter, stronger and leaner than ever before. The structure and guidance was exactly what I needed as prior to starting the programme I had stopped going to the gym as I had zero interest. The programme has now given me a new sense of direction and going to the gym has become part of my daily routine once again. Hats off to you for getting me back on track. &quot;- Ian Nolan</div> <div>The Unit Factory - What you will get?</div> <div>The Unit Factory</div> <div><a href="">60 Training Session over 12 Weeks</a>Access to Fitter Faster Stronger programming and coaching resources in Strength &amp; Conditioning, Metabolic Conditioning, and Active RecoveryFull video demos for every exerciseEvery score, weight, and effort recorded in our training appPerformance and Wellness assessed at every sessionCoach Q&amp;As on all aspects of the program and your performance</div> <div>Details</div> <div> <div>Full training &amp; nutrition eBook</div> <p>How to train hard and smart and get the best results possible (warm-ups, strength &amp; conditioning principles in action, recovery protocols)Straight forward nutrition tips, like the fundamentals on how to get lean, how to prepare meals, food choices guide &amp; recipes etc.Weekly training and nutrition tips with action plans12-Week Daily Tracker &quot;Daily Habits to Greatness&quot; - A road map over the 12 weeks with key indicators across nutrition, recovery and training to make you better every dayLeaderboard to compare scores with other athletes and team feed to discuss training with other athletes on the program and encourage each other <div><a href="">A full 360° training program</a>. If you work hard you will get serious results!</div> </div> <div><a href="">SIGN UP NOW</a></div> <div>Training hard, eating great food and looking, feeling, and moving better are all absolutely fantastic things. We at FFS love training, we love helping people become stronger versions of themselves and we love eating great food. The more you learn over the weeks, the more you engage in getting better, the more you will start to really enjoy the process and, finally, the results that you will get will keep you wanting more and more. </div> <div>Signing up to the program will be the best decision you make in your training and the first powerful step towards you becoming the strongest version yourself!</div> <div>Craig along with Daragh are the two program directors of the Unit Factory at FFS Gyms Online and we can't wait to help build a stronger you.</div> <p><iframe src=""/><iframe src=""/> <div>About the Authors</div> <div><a href="">Craig</a> is head of our online coaching at FFS Gyms. He practices what he preaches and believes in teaching the fundamentals.</div> <div>&quot;They are always the bedrock on which all your performance, health and body composition goals are based on. No matter where you are in your life and your training you’ve got to start at the bottom and build up these bedrocks giving you a solid foundation on which to grow and become the best you can be&quot;</div> <div>Email Craig at <a href=" Factory"></a></div> <div>Find Craig on Instagram at <a href="">@craig_ffs</a></div> <div>Daragh is co-creator of the Unit Factory at FFS and is a Personal Trainer and Strength &amp; Conditioning Coach at FFS Gyms.</div> <div>Email Daragh at <a href=" Factory"></a></div> <div>Find Daragh on Instagram at <a href="">@daraghmcdonnell</a></div> </div>