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The FFS story

Growing stronger since 2013

FFS was founded with a focus on top-class training. But our philosophy of putting people first has helped us create an approachable and fun environment, where everyone can make long-term changes to achieve their fitness goals.

It all began over a burrito back in late 2012, after founders Rory McInerney and Ciaran “Rudds” Ruddock finished college. They were looking for an opportunity to put their Health & Performance Science degrees from UCD to good use. 

Rory was tired of writing training programmes for his friends, but never seeing commitment or results. To encourage long-term fitness, he suggested setting up a gym which combined fundamental sports science principles with an enjoyable team atmosphere. From there, Fitter Faster Stronger was born.

With lots of late nights and the help of friends and family, the Home of Hard Work was opened on Leeson Street just a few weeks later in February 2013.

Quality at the heart of FFS

Our new philosophy put quality training at the heart of FFS, with classes based around movement patterns and monthly periodised plans. As word spread about the effective and enjoyable training we offered, our community quickly grew. Coming from every walk of life, our awesome members and trainers helped us develop a fun culture to add to our top-class training. Community events, such as BBQs, fitness competitions and charity challenges, now become a monthly occurrence.

Always working harder

By 2016, a waiting list of almost 100 people spurred us on to expand our services and open another location just down the road. Then in 2019, we opened FFS Ivy Exchange just off Parnell Street.

Our journey so far has been full of fun and excitement. We’re very proud to have helped so many people become fitter, faster and stronger. We look forward to continuing our growth and getting stronger in the future.

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