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Often times when I tell people I work at FFS Gyms they immediately assume I’m a personal trainer! Though I am currently not, I could easily become one if I sign up and complete the FFS Academy.

Often times when I tell people I work at FFS Gyms they immediately assume I’m a personal trainer! Though I am currently not, I could easily become one if I sign up and complete the FFS Academy. We will go into detail of how the FFS Academy course works and why you should choose us but first let me tell you a little bit about myself.

About the new FFS Academy Administrator

My name is Ariel. I was born in Taiwan, raised in Canada and currently loving and living in Dublin! I know first hand how it feels to wonder about your career path or being bored at your job daydreaming about following your passion. What I chose to do now has absolutely nothing to do with what I studied in school. I graduated from university with a chemistry degree (I know right?). However, I knew I didn’t want to pursue a career in academia or research (I gave it a real go for about 4 months and literally felt like it was my living hell) so I accepted my first full-time job at an environmental laboratory as a project manager. I love to be organised so project planning/coordination was second nature to me. Then I quickly discovered I really enjoyed helping my clients get exactly what they want and making sure the logistics of the project goes as planned...basically the client services aspect of my role, not the technical side of things!

Outside of work I have always been athletic and very active since my early teens. Exercising never felt like a chore to me; I really enjoy it. I love starting the day off bright and early and get my workout in before 7am. I started training at FFS in summer 2017. The culture and community FFS created is nothing I have ever experienced before. You can motivate people around you and make it fun by working out with like-minded people. I have experienced first-hand how a coach or a personal trainer can have a great impact on someone’s life in the most positive way.

Knowing that my interest lied within client services and that I am passionate about staying active and healthy, I slowly transitioned myself out of the science industry and here I am in Fitness & Health. I feel very lucky to join the FFS team as their Office Manager in February this year. I look after what needs to be done in the background in order to keep the gym running smoothly, and most importantly to enhance our members’ experience.

FFS Academy

In addition to starting as Office Manager for FFS, I also have the responsibility of acting as Administrator for the FFS Academy.

The FFS Academy is hybrid online and workshop-based Personal Trainer Qualification that is delivered by a team of coaches who are currently living their passion everyday. In line with the existing FFS motto of ‘Helping people become the strongest version of themselves’, we want to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge to positively impact as many lives as possible.

The best thing about the FFS Academy is having flexibility while learning. The course allows you to study part-time on your own schedule and complete practical workshops over a selection of different dates on weekends. We understand that weekends can get a bit hectic in terms of events so we have workshops running a few times throughout the year to accommodate your schedule. This gives a student the advantage to up-skill as a personal trainer, start taking on clients, and building their business part-time before diving into a new career.

The FFS Academy is delivered by a team of coaches who are currently living their dreams every day! The course content is composed of online modules, in-house workshops, and practical assessments. After successfully completing the course, you will receive qualification for EQF Level 3 Fitness Instructor and EQF Level 4 Personal Trainer. The Academy is also accredited by Europe Active and all graduates will be qualified to join the European Register of Exercise Professionals (EREPS), which gives you the freedom to work in Ireland & several other countries in Europe as a personal trainer.

If you have been thinking about becoming a personal trainer for a while, perhaps you really should just go for it. Stop saying “Maybe I should” and start doing what you know you want! You have all the power in the world to make the change. Following your passion can be exciting and scary at the same time but all you really need is a little encouragement to take the leap of faith. FFS Academy, the coaching team, and myself, we are all you need and I am always here to help!

Find out more

For more information please download our FFS Academy brochure. Or if you just wanted to chat a bit more in detail, please email academy@ffs.ie or ariel@ffs.ie.

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Payment Options:

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Four Monthly Payment (Contact ariel@ffs.ie for further information)

About the Author

Ariel is the Office Manager in FFS Gyms. You can find her in early morning gym or yoga classes on weekdays and out and about in nature on the weekends. She’s your go-to person if there’s anything you want to know about FFS! Anything at all!

Email Ariel at ariel@ffs.ie

Find Ariel on Instagram at @ariel.mcdonnell